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While the face is certainly the most visible part of the skin, and therefore the part most thought of as needing skin care, it is certainly not the only part. In fact, the back is the most difficult part of the body to clean and as a result can often use a little more love than other parts of the skin. Luckily, the back no longer needs to suffer from a lack of care and attention.

The trained and professional staff at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group can provide you with the exact care needed to keep your skin healthy and free of acne. That skin care extends to the back, and we are pleased to offer our patients the same sort of extensive, luxurious treatment for their back.

A back facial provides you with the same extensive care you would expect to receive during one of our deep cleansing facials, but with the added benefit of being designed specifically to treat the skin on your back. Our practitioners will work to remove painful back acne, treat oily or sensitive skin, improve tone and attend to any blemishes, age spots or rashes.*

This treatment is perfect for preparing you for the beginning of swimsuit season, when your back is likely to get the most exposure to the sun and the elements, and for repairing any damage accumulated by the end of swimsuit season. Beyond that, a back facial can be a relaxing, stimulating form of therapy at any time of the year and can refresh and rejuvenate a beautiful if overlooked part of the body.*

To set up an appointment for your back facial or for more information on how our trained staff can help you, please contact our office.

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