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InMode offers the perfect method to address unwanted cellulite and sculpt your desired body shape with BodyFX. Avoid the expense and hassle of liposuction with this non-surgical alternative. BodyFX is perfect for removing muffin tops and mummy tummies and improving your body’s shape and contour.*

How does BodyFX work?

BodyFX Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons

Before and Afer Results*

BodyFX adopts a holistic approach, using a combination of treatment methods including RF (or radio) energy, suction coupled negative pressure, and deep tissue heating. The RF energy is delivered to your skin in pulses of one million cycles per second, introducing heat to the targeted area and causing your tissues to contract. Your body temperature is constantly monitored to prevent overheating, with the utmost concern for your comfort. BodyFX’s temperature gauge provides a constant, real-time overview of your skin’s temperature, enabling us to control your treatment with precision.

Next, we use the vacuum’s negative pressure to sculpt the heated tissue, smoothing out pockets of fat and molding the perfect body shape. You will feel a gentle warming of your skin and mild pulling sensation as the vacuum moves over the targeted area.

Treatment with BodyFX

BHPSG-BodyFX-HandpieceBodyFX is a comfortable, fast procedure with no downtime that can be performed over a lunch break. We recommend that you return for weekly sessions for a period of eight weeks. You should notice the treatment area gradually improving over the course of your sessions.* You might experience a reddening of the treated area, and the warmth from the RF frequencies will linger for a few hours. Patients compare the sensation to a deep tissue massage.

Experience the incredible effects of BodyFX and remove your unwanted cellulite. Call us for a consultation, and we will help you achieve the body shape you’ve always dreamed of.*

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