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rhinoplasty-b-aBeverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group realizes that men want plastic surgery too. Our own doctors undergo plastic surgery procedures including CoolSculpting, Botox, and laser skin rejuvenation. It is for this reason that we offer our expertise in male rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills, CA.

You may be wondering why you need a plastic surgeon who has expertise in nose jobs for men. It’s no secret that men and women have very different facial features and the nose is one of the most prominent features on the face of a man that can shape his entire appearance. This is why you need to select a rhinoplasty plastic surgeon who has experience working with male noses and can achieve the look you want, whether that is creating a more masculine nose, reshaping a bump, or even a nose job after a physical altercation. Rest assured that if you choose Dr. John Layke of Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, you will be in great hands. Check out our male rhinoplasty gallery for Dr. Layke’s work on nose jobs for men.*

What Male Rhinoplasty Can Do For You

A Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group rhinoplasty procedure can improve your appearance. We can enhance the contours of your nose or reduce its size. If you’re unhappy with the size, shape or functionality of your nose, then we can help you create balance and symmetry that will have a more aesthetically pleasing effect.*

We can also help you achieve a higher level of functionality. If you experience trouble with your breathing, allergies or even vertigo, this could very well be caused or worsened by aberrations occurring within the nose. See our page about the septoplasty procedure if you have difficulty breathing or suffer from sinus-related allergies.

In addition, many men choose a less invasive procedure to enhance their nose profile. Dr. Layke has skillfully performed countless non-surgical nose jobs using precise amounts of fillers to craft the ideal nose shape without anesthesia, downtime, or a long recovery period.*

What Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group Can Do For You

We will consult with you and take an inclusive approach to finding out what your ambitions and goals are when it comes to aesthetic enhancement. We’ll make sure to answer any and all questions about the procedure, financing, and insurance.

Call today for your consultation for male rhinoplasty surgery in Beverly Hills, CA. We’re confident that we can achieve your desired results together.*

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