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A strong chin is very important to the overall aesthetic appearance of the face. A weak chin can make your other features, such as your nose and forehead, seem exaggerated. Plus, your jawline is a key component of your face’s overall shape. Even as beauty standards have changed over the years, a well-defined chin has always been perceived as attractive.

Fortunately, chin implants are among the simplest and most long-lasting plastic surgery procedures. Drs. Danielpour and Layke are studied in the art of beauty, crafting their work around the principles of facial symmetry and proper proportions. For Beverly hills chin implants, visit Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

Benefits of a Chin Implant

The look and shape of a chin implant is customized to each patient and their needs. Among the benefits of chin implants are:

  • Modifying the proportions between your chin and other facial features
  • A sharp, defined jawline
  • A stronger profile
  • Camouflaging jowl formation
  • Widening the chin to broaden the lower face
  • Lengthening the chin
  • Creating or eliminating chin dimples

Chin implants can enhance the appearance of both men and women. Before the procedure, Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke will consult with you to develop a plan for your aesthetic goals. Good candidates for chin implant surgery are adults in good overall health who are not pregnant and do not have preexisting conditions such as heart problems or bleeding disorders. You should also be prepared to take some time off work for the recovery process.

The Chin Implant Procedure

Chin enhancement surgery, also called genioplasty, is usually performed under general anesthesia. The entire procedure takes about an hour. An incision is made under your chin or inside your mouth and a silicone implant is inserted, then carefully shaped around your existing chin bone. The incision is stitched closed, and the recovery period begins.

Make sure to follow any procedures prescribed by your surgeon, including your pain medication regimen. For at least one to two weeks after the procedure, you will need to sleep with your head elevated and face-up, which protects your incisions and controls post-op swelling. Plan for about two weeks of downtime, and for resuming strenuous activities such as exercise after 3-4 weeks. Results are close to final within one month, and the look of your face will continue to settle for the next few months. Make sure to return for post-op visits to check on your progress.

Chin implants are meant to be permanent, and they do not generally need maintenance. Be aware that if you suffer trauma to the face or jaw, your implant may be knocked out of alignment and need to be adjusted. Chin implant surgery can also be performed in tandem with a rhinoplasty or neck liposuction to enhance the look of the face. Often, it is more economical to combine these procedures to save recovery time.

Contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group for chin implant expertise and procedures in Beverly Hills. We look forward to assisting you with this and additional plastic surgery procedures available.

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