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If you or your child suffers from ear deformities, including overly large, malformed, or protruding ears, ear surgery may be an option. Also called otoplasty, this type of surgery restores the ear to its proper proportions to achieve a harmonious look with the rest of the face. Otoplasty can correct birth defects as well as ears that have been damaged by injury. Let the expert surgeons at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group give your ears the care and attention they deserve.*

What does ear surgery treat?

Otoplasty can treat a wide variety of ear malformations. Some of the more specific cases are:

  • Microtia, or overly large ears
  • Abnormally small ears, known as cupped ears
  • Protruding ears
  • Ears that sag forward and down at their tops, called lop ears


The shape of the outer ear is very important in gathering sound, so in some cases, malformed ears lead to hearing loss. Cosmetic otoplasty can correct this problem. The surgery can be performed on children and adults, though children should be five years old or older, which allows adequate time for their ears to develop and cartilage to stabilize. Children undergoing the procedure should be free of serious illness, especially chronic ear infections. Adults should also be free of serious conditions that can impair the healing process. In all cases, you should have a specific goal to achieve with your appearance, as well as a positive outlook.

What is the ear surgery procedure?

The specific procedure depends on the type of ear surgery you are getting. You and your surgeon will discuss the best type of anesthesia for you: general, local, or intravenous sedation. Your surgeon generally makes their incisions on the back of the ear, which hides the surgical scars. When incisions on the front of the ear are necessary, your surgeon hides them within the ear’s natural folds of cartilage.

Ear pinning surgery is the most common type of cosmetic otoplasty. This procedure corrects protruding ears by reshaping cartilage at the base of the ear to move the ear closer to the head. Unlike most cosmetic procedures, ear surgery can be performed on young children, since problems with ear development usually become apparent around the ages of four to five. Most surgeries take several hours. Each patient’s recovery process is different, though most surgeries involve stitches and bandages that need to be removed, and include several follow-up visits.

Is ear surgery covered by insurance?

Insurers generally do not cover cosmetic procedures, since they are considered a personal choice. However, most insurers do cover procedures that are considered medically necessary. If structural issues with your ear lead to hearing loss, your surgery may fall into this category. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group works with you to maximize your coverage, guiding you carefully through the entire insurance process.

Though ears are one of our most highly visible attributes, we tend not to notice them unless there’s something wrong with them. Don’t let misshapen ears impact your self-confidence. Make an appointment at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group to learn how cosmetic otoplasty can improve your appearance.*

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