As people age, they naturally begin to lose subcutaneous fat in their face. A healthy amount of that fat is what gives the face definition and the appearance of youth, providing it with the cheeks, chins, lips and shape. Over the course of time that fat dies off and so the facial muscles work closer to the skin, making crow’s feet and smile lines more apparent to the naked eye. As the facial skin stretches due to this stress, the face loses volume.

While this loss of fat is natural and inevitable, it can be combatted. One method of reversing the slow loss of vibrancy from the face is through the injection of fillers.

Dermal filler injection is the perfect method for plumping thin lips, softening facial creases and wrinkles, enhancing shallow contours in the cheeks and improving the general healthful appearance of the face. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, our doctors and technicians use a variety of filler methods and products to give our patients the natural, healthy looking results they desire.

Our plastic surgeons will perform a consultation in which they evaluate your skin tone and appearance. Working with you and with your specific needs, they will determine and map out the appropriate injection points that will allow you to achieve the best results. We work with the finest filler providers, reputed companies such as Juvederm, Sculptra, Evolence, Hydrelle and Restylane. Our knowledgeable, experienced staff works with you to determine the right injection filler for your needs.

While not completely painless, the injections are easily tolerated by most patients and our staff can assist in ameliorating any discomfort. Swelling and tenderness generally disappears within two days, at which point you can enjoy your rejuvenated appearance. For more information on filler injections, contact our office to set up an appointment for a consultation.

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