Brazilian Butt Lift

The most common type of shape-modifying injections to the bottom is the “Brazilian butt lift”, although the procedure is also called fat injections, fat transfer, or fat grafting. It usually consists of a combination of liposuction around the buttocks and many injections of fat into the buttocks. The fat is harvested by liposuction from the patient’s buttocks, abdomen or elsewhere. The fat is processed and purified before it is reinjected. Depending on the amount of augmentation needed, the patient may need to undergo a significant number of injections, which are made at various sites and depths in the buttocks.


Buttock implants are “stronger than breast implants” and made of an elastomer that cannot leak. Implants are placed using a small incision atop of the muscles above the sitting area and below the surrounding fascia to secure them. A previous technique of intramuscular augmentation only augmented the upper third of the buttocks whereas implants can address the entire area. The incision scar will normally heal such that it is barely visible by approximately one year after surgery.

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