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Why Remove a Tattoo?

The reasons for removing a tattoo are as numerous as there are tattoo designs. Over the course of time, people change. The tattoo’s artwork may lose its appeal, or the wearer may no longer agree with the symbolic statement the tattoo made. Tattoos can be a painful reminder of the past, or a statement of youth that can hinder professional advancement in a more business-oriented world. Some may even wish to incorporate their old tattoo into a brand new design.

Whatever the reason may be, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group can help you fade or remove any unwanted tattoos. Using modern technology, our staff can help you reverse your past decisions and restore your skin.*

The Tattoo Removal Procedure

During the tattoo removal process, our experienced technician will apply laser light to the affected area of the skin. Using controlled bursts of focused light, the laser breaks apart the ink pigments in the skin. The broken ink particles will then be absorbed into the body. Depending on the size and type of tattoo, as well as the pigments used, the tattoo can normally be removed over the course of only a few sessions.*

Is There Any Pain Involved?

Sessions are generally quick and relatively painless. Most patients describe the mild discomfort of the laser removal process as less painful than the process of getting the tattoo in the first place, and many can endure the treatment without the use of anesthetic. Regardless, our technician can assist you with any discomfort you may experience.

Tattoos used to last forever, but with laser technology, there is no reason you should be bound forever to the decisions of your youth. Contact our plastic surgeons at our beautiful Beverly Hills office to schedule your tattoo removal consultation, where our staff can walk you through the process of reclaiming your skin.

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