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Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group offers non-surgical solutions such as FaceTite by Inmode that we make available for our patients who prefer to see results without the downtime and discomfort that accompanies surgery. FaceTite offers our patients aesthetic enhancement treatment options without scarring.

FaceTite incorporates minimally invasive Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) which delivers surgical-grade results and leaves the skin intact and scar-free.*

How FaceTite Works

BHPSG-FaceTite-HandpieceFaceTite is a state-of-the-art contouring solution used on the face and smaller areas of the body. Results seen in our patients are similar to that of a facelift at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, or a brachioplasty — without resorting to excisional surgery. FaceTite technology is minimally-invasive and features a non-aspirating cannula. This special cannula has a plastic tip with versatile capabilities, enabling us to work efficiently and safely at the subdermal level.

FaceTite features RF-inspired tissue contraction and contouring, which achieves significant results.* Dual temperature technology provides superior safety and enhanced control compared to other outdated technologies. FaceTite delivers 100% energy concentration in the treatment zone and allows for focal treatment of even the smallest areas such as under the eyes, above the eyes, and areas where operators want to avoid other facial nerves.


  • Superior body contouring capability without resorting to excisional procedures.
  • Skin contraction of the entire subcutaneous tissue and septae matrix for unprecedented contraction results.
  • Controlled directional energy distribution maximizes RF utilization in the treated area.
  • Improved safety and decreased risk of thermal injury. FaceTite safeguards skin temperature and impedance levels.
  • Far less patient downtime due to pre-heating of the treatment area. This allows ease of extraction of unwanted fat.
  • Decreased bruising and swelling.


Contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group today to learn more about our minimally-invasive aesthetic enhancement procedures. Cutting-edge technology like FaceTite and compassionate care are what set us apart. Schedule your initial consultation today. We’ll discuss your goals and take steps to achieve your ambitions.

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