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A gastric bypass surgery is a procedure that reduces weight by modifying the digestive system of the body. Generally, this surgery results in a reduction in the size and volume of the stomach, which also decreases the amount of food the patient is able to consume.

Since the body does not absorb all of the contents from the food consumed, body fat, excess skin, and weight will eventually decrease over time.

Body Contouring After Gastric Bypass Surgery

When a massive amount of weight is lost, the skin loses its firmness and begins to loosen, which can result in a stretched out appearance. At the Body Contour Center of Beverly Hills, Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke are experienced in treating these layers of skin through expert body contouring techniques.

Our team can reshape your body to add more tone and strength to the areas that are most affected by the effects of gastric bypass surgery. Available treatments include abdominoplasty, breast reduction, lower body lifts, and more.

In treating the abdomen area, our surgical team removes excess tissue while flattening that region of the body. The muscles are strengthened to prevent the occurrence of loose tissue. The body is also reinforced with increased durability and tone.

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Studies have shown that patients who have undergone body contouring procedures after gastric bypass surgery are more likely to maintain their weight level than those who did not. If you have recently had a gastric bypass surgery, then body contouring can be an essential process to help you keep your ideal figure.

For more information about body contouring or gastric bypass surgery, please contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

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