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blepharoplasty-b-a Botox is one of the most widely known cosmetic surgery procedures. This common treatment reduces the appearance of forehead wrinkles, frown lines, and crow’s feet. For your Botox treatment, you should choose the most skilled, experienced surgeons. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, we have the expertise to give you the best Botox treatment in Los Angeles, using only officially certified products.*

What is Botox?

Botox is a form of botulinum toxin, a protein that causes mild paralysis when consumed or injected. Botulinum is used in small, safe quantities for many medical purposes, such as preventing muscle spasms, calming hyperactive nerves, and treating many types of chronic pain, including migraines. In the form of Botox, botulinum is also used for cosmetic purposes. When injected into certain facial muscles, it relaxes the skin and smooths wrinkles.

When should I consider Botox?

Facial wrinkles have many contributing factors, such as smoking, sun exposure, and the natural loss of collagen that occurs as we age. Botox address one key factor: repeated patterns of facial movement. When you concentrate or frown, you cause wrinkles to form between your eyebrows and on your forehead. When you squint, wrinkles appear on the sides of your eyes called crow’s feet. Repeating these facial contractions over many years reinforces these wrinkles. Botox targets the cause of facial wrinkles by relaxing these muscles.

How does Botox treatment work?

Your surgeon injects Botox directly into the muscles that cause wrinkles. For frown lines, your surgeon targets five specific muscle sites in your forehead. For crow’s feet, your surgeon targets the muscles at the sides of your eyes, called the orbicularis oculi. The injections are mild enough that local anesthetic is not required. You may feel a pinching sensation, but this can be remedied with topical numbing cream or ice.

Botox injections take only ten minutes. No downtime is required, so you can immediately resume normal activities. After several months, your muscles will begin to contract and you will need to repeat the injection process to maintain your results.*

One possible side effect of Botox that has been disproportionately reported is a loss of flexibility in facial expressions. While this can happen after repeated Botox treatments, a trained practitioner with experience in the procedure and knowledge of facial anatomy will carefully administer your treatment to avoid this outcome. Be wary of cheap or discounted Botox products, as these may be illegal reproductions containing impurities. Seek treatment only with licensed experts like our skilled surgical team at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

Botox is one of the safest, easiest cosmetic treatments available. Thousands of patients nationwide get regular Botox injections, improving the appearance of their frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet. Since each injection is temporary, there’s no reason not to give it a try. Schedule a consultation to discuss the benefits of Botox and learn how this procedure can benefit you.*

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