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World Famous Plastic Surgeons Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is located in the heart of Beverly Hills and has helped transform thousands of patients’ internal vision into a reality. All our clientele is given the same VIP treatment and pampering that you would expect of a prestigious Beverly Hills plastic surgery practice. With the combined experience and professional training of our doctors, BHPSG is able to offer a wide range of cosmetic surgery options. In addition to cosmetic surgery, we offer advanced non-surgical cosmetic procedures in our world class med spa.

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Out of State and International Patients Welcome

Plastic surgery is a journey that we have guided our patients through for over a decade. With special requests being met with tailored solutions every day, we are able to customize each patient’s surgical procedure to best fit their personal needs.

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Let us help with the preliminary planning and legwork before you even step foot into our offices. Virtual consultations make it easier than ever for our patients to communicate their vision, giving us visual representations of their circumstances. We are able to communicate clearly and transparently with our patients, shedding light on our approach and showing our patients real life results that are possible through our various procedures. You may email photos and forms, perform video consultations, and schedule your actual surgery — all in advance of your arrival! Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery group maintains HIPAA compliancy. All your information, photos, and files are protected and encrypted.

Enjoy a Virtual Consultation from the comfort of your own home via our secure Patient App.

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You can also download it from the App Store. Look for the SymplastPatient app.

Service Without Peer or Parallel

Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke take pride in the craft they practice. That care and pride extends to every aspect of your experience here. Our expertise in making special arrangements, scheduling transportation, and assisting with travel plans means you’re in the best of hands. From luxury hotel and dining arrangements to exclusive and private travel options, let us assist you in making this journey a hassle-free event that is tailored to your every need.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group believes in world class customer service, and we make it our priority to make our out of state and international patients’ stay in Los Angeles as seamless and comfortable as possible.

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We work out most of the details ahead of time, so when you get here, we have a solid idea of how we’re going to achieve your ambitions together. When it’s time to work, we’re here, prepared and ready to deliver the aesthetic enhancement results you’ve always wanted.

Contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our Surgical Tourism services. Let our staff assist you in crafting a medical vacation experience that meets your very needs. We’re excited to extend our reach all over the world.

Affiliated Doctors:

For those traveling to the New York area for surgery, Dr. Alizadeh of Alizadeh Cosmoplastic Surgery is a highly reputed and recommended plastic surgeon.

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Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke are available to answer any question you man have regarding our line of cosmetic and surgical procedures.
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