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Most women have slightly asymmetrical breasts. In some cases, the difference in breast size is more pronounced and may begin to affect the proper fitting of a bra, bathing suit, blouse or dress. Uneven breasts can also affect intimacy and sexual function. Often, it becomes necessary to wear padding to provide better balance and support.

Beverly Hills plastic surgery duo Dr. Payman Danielpour and Dr. John Layke can provide the solution that will restore natural balance. A breast asymmetry correction procedure can correct uneven breasts.*

Breast Asymmetry Correction – Things You Need to Know

During your consultation with Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke, we will ask you what your ideal breast size is. This will determine if we need to do a breast reduction, breast implant or a combination of both.

In addition, breast asymmetry correction may be covered in part by your insurance. Our team will walk through your insurance benefits with you to determine if you have coverage.

The procedure involves a major decision to determine how the breasts will be balanced. The decision to enlarge or reduce the size of either breast is dependent on personal factors and consultation with your doctor is necessary. The nipple may also be repositioned depending on the severity of the asymmetry.

What to Expect After Your Breast Asymmetry Correction

Most patients require 2-3 full days of rest after breast asymmetry correction. Be sure to schedule time off work as necessary. There will be pain, bruising, and swelling for the next couple of months, but most of our patients are able to return to normal daily activities after 1-2 weeks.

To ensure that your breast asymmetry correction incisions heal with minimal scarring, we use Embrace Scar Therapy.

What Causes Uneven Breasts or Breast Asymmetry?

Differences in breast size are a result of genetic tendencies or random events in which paired organs grow differentially. The breasts are stimulated to grow under the influence of estrogen hormones in young females and events such as pregnancy or menopause can change the size and shape of the breasts. Uneven breasts may also be caused by a breached inframammary fold (see video above).

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