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RF (radiofrequency)-based treatments such as FaceTite and BodyTite have allowed countless patients to enjoy the benefits of body contouring without the invasiveness of surgery. These devices are excellent at sculpting large areas, but are not optimized for precision fat removal. Now, InMode has revealed the latest in their series of RF devices: AccuTite, engineered for pinpoint accuracy and precision measured in millimeters.

What is AccuTite?

AccuTite is a form of RFAL (Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis). Lipolysis is the destruction of fat cells beneath the skin’s surface. By directing concentrated bursts of RF energy, or radio waves, AccuTite causes fat cells to rupture. The dead cells are absorbed into the body by the lymphatic system, the body’s natural cleaning mechanism. The result is the elimination of unwanted fat with no incisions or scars.

The AccuTite unit utilizes a probe, or cannula, to deliver RF energy both externally and internally. Its main innovation is the precision of its treatments, allowing your provider to target previously unreachable areas. AccuTite can be used on:

  • The brow
  • The periorbital area (i.e. eyelids)
  • The nasolabial fold
  • Lower face
  • Neck
  • Axilla bra fat
  • Upper arms
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • Inner thigh
  • Knees

What should I expect from my AccuTite treatment?

The AccuTite procedure takes less than twenty minutes. First, the treatment area is numbed with a local anesthetic. You should feel nothing more than a heating sensation. AccuTite has a built-in sensor that tracks your skin temperature and shuts off the unit if your skin gets too hot, so there is no risk of burning. Your provider will insert the AccuTite probe into the treatment area and administer the RF pulses. You will be able to resume normal activities immediately, and results should become visible within a few weeks.

Before starting AccuTite treatment, you should meet with your provider to establish a plan of action. What is your ideal appearance? What areas of your face and body would you like to focus on? AccuTite can be combined with other RF-based treatments like FaceTite and BodyTite, enabling you and your provider to collaborate on your treatment plan.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is proud to offer AccuTite and other RF-based treatments by InMode. Schedule a consultation to determine if you would be a good candidate.

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