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When are you ready for BOTOX?

By June 5, 2012 No Comments

Generally speaking there are acceptable points in our lives for everything, however when is the right time to start the reversal of aging??

If you could freeze time and keep your face  looking youthful, at what age would you do it?

These questions are routine in our practice and we tend to individualize each person.

If we were to make a general rule of when botox should be started it would be when you start noticing wrinkles and they start bothering you!

The reason for using botox is to prevent static wrinkles.  What are static wrinkles?  They are wrinkles that are there without the formation of expressions.  Those are a big NO NO and that is what we want to prevent.

The main misconception regarding the use and administration of botox is that you will lose facial expression.  That is absolutely wrong if administered by trained hands.  The injection technique of BOTOX is the most important and the dose, location and frequency vary depending on where you go.

In general at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, we tend to like the natural appearance and don’t like to “freeze” our patients and make them expressionless, therefore we tend to start with a lower dose and give touch ups as necessary.

If its your first time for BOTOX, do not fear.  Its very quick, simple and painless.  Injection into the forehead, frown lines and crows feet takes less than 5 minutes and there is no scarring, bruising, bleeding or downtime.  It can be administered on your lunch break,  on your way to or from work or just about any time you have 5 minutes.

BOTOX takes anywhere from 2-10 days to work and there is virtually no side effects if administered properly.   The effects usually last for 3-4 months and you will definitely not miss your wrinkles!!

So going back to the question above.  When is the right time to start botox?  The nright time is NOW.

Call (310) 275-6600 and make an appt and get your BOTOX injections from either Dr. John Layke or Dr. Payman Danielpour at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.  Why get injected by anyone other than a Plastic Surgeon?