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Rhinoplasty and Your Facial Proportions

By June 14, 2022 No Comments

It’s a big decision to get rhinoplasty surgery. The results of this surgery affect the size, shape, and features of your nose. It isn’t just your nose that changes, however, and it’s important to know that nose surgery also affects the balance of your facial proportions as a whole.

Will rhinoplasty change the look of more than my nose?

Rhinoplasty can result in a positive change in your overall appearance. If you have a prominent nose, it easily becomes the most noticeable part of your face. By reducing its size or changing its shape for a subtler look, you can draw more attention to your other features. In short, a rhinoplasty can rebalance the visual appearance of your entire face.

It’s important to transform your nose in a way that compliments your existing bone structure. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, we work with clients to attain the best facial aesthetics and balance for overall harmonious results. We help you attain a new look that matches your goals and your existing facial anatomy for the best results.

What rhinoplasty surgery techniques are used?

Rhinoplasty surgery can involve several techniques. These can include grafts and open or closed surgery. With closed surgery, the incisions are made inside your nose, eliminating any chances for scarring. This technique is often used for surgery on your upper nose, such as removing a nasal hump.

Open surgery involves making a small incision just under the tip of your nose. This is often used to shape the tip of your nose or make changes to the middle section. Each technique is carefully chosen to suit your needs.

What kind of outcome can I expect from surgery on my nose?

Nose surgery is a collaborative process. First, we meet to discuss your goals and vision for your nose. Our team will provide you with an honest evaluation of what you can expect and how we can achieve your desired results.

Once your surgery is completed, it will take some time for your nose to heal. Swelling will go down after a few weeks. It can actually take up to a year to see the final results of rhinoplasty, but it’s worth the wait!

Contact us for more information and to request a consultation. We’re here to provide you with the best in nose surgery for fine-tuned personalized results in Los Angeles, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and surrounding areas. Fill out our online form or contact us at 310-275-6600 to discuss your needs today.