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If you’re having a difficult time breathing through your nose, it’s possible that you have a deviated septum. Although there are several ways to treat this, one of the most effective ways is to get a septoplasty. In fact, many people who previously had breathing problems have now experienced relief after this treatment.

A severely deviated septum means that one side of your nose is blocked, essentially compromising your respiratory flow. Resorting to antihistamines and decongestants only provides short-term relief and could result in side effects, such as elevated blood pressure and drowsiness.

Benefits of a Septoplasty

May Decrease the Chances of Sinus Infections

When your nasal passages are blocked, mucus tends to build up, and that could result in unwanted infections. A septoplasty may open up those closed or narrowed airways. As a result, mucus will drain normally again. Learn more about septoplasty procedures here.

Can Significantly Improve Your Breathing

The feeling of having clogged nasal passages can range from mild discomfort to suffocating. Nasal sprays will only give you temporary relief and can be costly because you have to purchase them regularly. Thankfully, you can nip the problem right in the bud through septoplasty.

May Heighten Your Senses

Apart from constricting your breathing, a deviated septum also diminishes your senses. Your sense of taste and smell could be significantly impaired, affecting your overall quality of life. With a septoplasty, you could possibly restore the complete function of both senses.

Can Help You Sleep a Lot Better

Unhealthy snoring and sleep apnea are just a couple of sleeping problems that could result from a deviated septum. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is here to help you get more than 40 winks by performing septoplasty.

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