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Great skin care can go a long way towards preventing blemishes and wrinkles. Not only can it keep your skin youthful and healthy, thereby eliminating the need for more extensive procedures, but it can help you feel relaxed, confident and beautiful. The skin deserves to be taken care of, even pampered, and a professional facial provides exactly that combination of quality skin care and luxurious relaxation.

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, our experienced staff can customize your facial to suit your needs. We perform monthly maintenance facials that provide the foundation for good skin maintenance, and can also focus our treatments in ways that will brighten the skin, even out its tone, and smooth its texture. Our depigmentation treatments allow us to fix pigment problems on the skin. We can even treat for anti-aging and for rosacea, soothing the skin and strengthening its defense against further flare-ups.*

Our practitioners also specialize in treating acne, both for teens and adults. Using a combination of deep cleaning, anti-bacterial treatment, and other high-frequency procedures, we can alleviate the angry irritation that accompanies acne and heal the conditions that cause breakouts in the first place. Teenagers provide a unique set of challenges due to their changing hormones. However, our practitioners have the expertise to assist and can help a teenager develop the sort of healthful habits that will keep their skin vital and healthy over the course of their lifetime.

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, we recognize both the health benefits and the more relaxing aspects of a high-quality facial and are devoted to giving you the experience you deserve. Whatever your skin care needs, our practitioners can provide the facial that is right for you.* To set up your appointment or for more information on the services we can provide, please contact our offices.

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