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International Concierge Service

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group strives to translate artistry and science into beauty, not just practicing aesthetic enhancement procedures for patients who live in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles, CA, but patients from all over the world. As science progresses we become increasingly connected. It makes sense that Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group has become more connected as well. Our practice incorporates and champions the technology and resources which extend our services far beyond our own community to patients all over the globe.

Out of State and International Patients Welcome!

Many times, our international patients grace our brand new Stitch Surgical Center with their presence. All of our facilities have been designed and built with the patient’s comfort and safety in mind. As a matter of fact, your comfort and safety are our highest priorities. Just because a patient lives what might seem like a world away doesn’t mean that they can’t aspire to work with experienced and esteemed plastic surgeons like Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is nestled between two major airports (LAX and Bob Hope). If any questions about transport and accommodations should arise, we are always happy to extend our knowledge and immense resources to our valued patients. We look forward to assisting you in any way that will make your procedure and stay with us more comfortable and effective.

International Concierge ServiceWe’ll get started with you right away. We can help you get a lot of the preliminary planning and legwork done before you even step foot into our offices. Services like video consultation make it easier than ever for our patients to tell us about their aesthetic enhancement goals, giving us visual representations of their circumstances. We are able to communicate clearly and transparently with our patients, shedding light on our processes and showing our patients real life results that are possible through our various procedures. You can email photos and intake forms, perform video consultation, and schedule your actual surgery — all in advance of your arrival! Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery group maintains HIPPA compliancy. All your information, photos, and files are protected and encrypted.

Service Without Peer or Parallel

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group believes in service, and we spare no effort in making our out of state and international patient’s stay in Los Angeles as comfortable and stress free as possible.

We work out most of the details ahead of time, so when you get here, we have a solid idea of how we’re going to achieve your ambitions together. When it’s time to work, we’re here, prepared and ready to deliver the aesthetic enhancement results you’ve always wanted.

Focussed Follow-up Care

It’s not out of sight, out of mind after your aesthetic enhancement procedure at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. We make ourselves available post procedure, as well as the weeks following, making sure that your results are in line with our mutual goals. We’ll give you all the resources and attention you need to make sure that you enjoy lasting results.

Contact Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery today to learn more about our Surgical Tourism services. We’re excited to extend our reach beyond our own borders, all over the world.

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