Breast Reduction

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For those who feel their breasts are overly large or heavy, breast reduction offers a way to create a more comfortable, balanced shape and size. These procedures bring many in Beverly Hills, California, to the care of the team of highly skilled professionals at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. Book a consultation online or by phone today to learn more.

What is breast reduction?

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that creates a smaller breast profile. The process works by carefully removing tissue from each breast to achieve a balanced, lifted appearance. 

As many women can attest, when it comes to breast tissue, bigger is not necessarily better. Large, heavy breasts can be uncomfortable and make it hard to feel confident in your own skin. Reduction surgery offers the chance to decide on a breast size and shape that aligns with your lifestyle and aesthetic desires. 

Why do women choose to have breast reduction?

Women decide to have breast reduction for numerous reasons. Some of those motivating factors include:

  • Creating symmetry between breasts
  • Reducing the weight of heavy breast tissue
  • Creating a more streamlined chest profile
  • Making it easier to engage in physical activity
  • Easing back and neck pain

Some women choose to have breast reduction to make it easier for mammograms to detect tissue abnormalities, especially those genetically predisposed to breast cancer. 

What happens during breast reduction procedures?

Breast reduction surgery begins with general anesthesia. You’ll rest comfortably throughout the experience and won’t feel or remember a thing. 

Your surgeon plans the procedure in advance of your surgery date. Once your skin is thoroughly disinfected, your surgeon creates the incisions needed to access the underlying breast tissue. 

There are multiple different incision patterns to choose from. Your specialist determines which approach is best suited for your reduction needs. Incision lines may only be needed around the bottom curve of your areola, especially if you’re only having a small amount of breast tissue removed. 

The “lollipop” incision pattern relies on incisions around the entire areola and extends down to the base of your breast. The “anchor” incision pattern goes around the areola, down to the base of the breast, and then extends horizontally to each side. This approach is best suited for women with very large breasts who are having significant tissue removed. 

Resizing your areolas often creates a better aesthetic balance with your smaller breast size. Once your surgeon is pleased with the new breast contouring, the final step is to gather the skin and trim away any excess before closing the incision with incisions.  

Call the office to schedule a consultation if you have additional questions or concerns about breast reduction. Online booking is also an option and takes very little time.