Breast Implant Removal

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Breast Implant Removal services offered in Golden Triangle of Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills, CA

If you develop complications from breast implants, breast implant removal offers a solution. This is one of many treatments available from the team of highly skilled professionals at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group in Beverly Hills, California. To explore removal in greater detail, call the office to find a time that fits your schedule or book online in just a matter of moments. 

Why is breast implant removal necessary?

As the name implies, breast implant removal is a surgical procedure to remove your breast implants. There are many reasons why people choose to move forward with breast implant removal. 

Some of the motivating factors include:

  • Capsular constriction
  • Leaking breast implant
  • Calcium buildup surrounding an implant
  • Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (a rare form of cancer)
  • Implants that have shifted or changed position

Some women have implants removed to switch to a different size implant. Others simply want their implants removed permanently to return to a natural breast shape or size. 

What are my options with breast implant removal?

You have a few choices to make regarding breast implant removal. The first is whether you wish to have new implants placed during the same surgery. You can select larger or smaller implants or try a new shape. 

If you do not want to replace your existing breast implants, you may want to consider having a lift done at the same time as your removal. A breast lift works by tightening the skin to create a more lifted, firm breast shape and is a great approach for those who’ve experienced sagging breasts. 

Your surgeon will also discuss the possibility of removing the capsule of scar tissue that develops around breast implants. In most cases, this scar tissue will not pose any problems, but in some, the scar tissue hardens and constricts, which can be painful or create an abnormal breast appearance. 

What is the recovery process like after breast implant removal?

Your surgeon provides extensive post-procedure instructions in advance of your breast implant removal. Adhering to these guidelines is an essential part of a healthy recovery. 

It takes time for your body to adjust after breast implant removal. Wearing a special supportive bra or a compression garment helps minimize swelling. Your surgeon might place surgical drains to help remove excess fluid after your procedure. 

Take any medication your surgeon prescribes as directed, and be sure to come in for your follow-up visit. In the coming weeks, your body will heal, and you’ll begin to see the final results of your breast implant removal. 

To book an initial visit, call the office or spend a few moments on the online scheduling page.