Are You A Hard-Working Mom Who Deserves A Mommy Makeover?

Mar 04, 2013
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A surgical Mommy Makeover is a combination of body contouring procedures that allow moms to regain the figure they used to have prior to having children.

A Hard-Working Mom Who Deserves A Mommy Makeover

What is a “Mommy Makeover”?

A surgical Mommy Makeover is a combination of body contouring procedures that allow moms to regain the figure they used to have prior to having children. The most common of aesthetic surgeries performed to obtain the complete Mommy Makeover typically consists of a tummy tuck and breast enhancement procedure that are performed simultaneously. Nonetheless, a Mommy Makeover may also be split into more than one surgery if needed or desired. These operations may include additional procedures such as a breast lift, breast reduction, and body contouring with liposuction. Mommy Makeovers are custom made to fit and fulfill every patient’s individual needs.

Due to maternal hormones and the weight gain that during pregnancy, and post pregnancy, that the female body changes. These changes are often due to hormones and the expansion and deflation that the body and skin go through.

The most evident changes that the female body goes through are typically apparent in the abdomen and breast. During pregnancy, the abdominal muscle wall is put on stretch as the baby grows inside the mother’s uterus. This frequently creates a separation of the abdominal muscles. Though some women might find that their body returns to the way it was pre-pregnancy, more times than not women are left with a weakened abdominal wall and sagging, loose, and stretch-marked skin.

There is hope!

Some women experience extensive expansion of their breasts during pregnancy, which may subsequently decrease following delivery. This may leave the breasts sagging or empty due to volume loss. No exercise will re-tighten this skin without having a breast lift performed. This surgery entails removing excess skin and raising the position of the areola and nipple to a more youthful and ideal position on the breast. The incisions on the breasts vary based on the type of lift being performed.

For women who have (or develop during pregnancy) large breasts, a breast reduction surgery can be the key to the best mommy makeover results. Breast reduction surgery is extremely similar to a breast lift, with the difference being that it involves removing some breast tissue. The incisions for a breast reduction can be identical to that of a breast lift (depending on the type of mastopexy) , as a breast lift is giving simultaneously with a breast reduction.

The biggest piece to the ultimate Mommy Makeover is a Tummy Tuck ! This is a procedure that can remove the sagging, loose, and stretch-marked skin of the abdomen which is caused 99.9% of the time by pregnancy. A tummy tuck can even remove a C-section scar by converting it into a single tummy tuck incision. This surgery can give women a body they had before pregnancy or even a better, flatter, tighter abdomen than they ever had!

The length of the tummy tuck incision varies from person to person but typically runs hip to hip and is easily covered by a bikini or underwear. The abdominal muscle that stretches and sometimes splits during pregnancy is typically always repaired or sewn together during a tummy tuck procedure. This helps the overall abdominal contour by flattening the mid section.

Additionally, women who have or develop an umbilical hernia during their pregnancy can also have this repaired while undergoing a tummy tuck procedure. A hernia repair is typically medically necessary to have corrected and is usually covered by most health insurances.

Last but not least, liposuction is also part of the mommy makeover plan. Liposuction removes unwanted fat that cannot be resolved with diet and exercise alone. Moms often request liposuction of their hips, back, thighs, arms and/or under the chin.

Dr. Layke and Dr. Danielpour offer innovative and safe plastic surgery procedures to bring the sexy back in mothers. Whether it’s just breast augmentation alone, or in conjunction with other body contouring procedures, both doctors assess every patient on an individual basis to come up with a surgical plan that is most suitable and appropriate for that specific patient.

If you deserve or desire a Mommy Makeover , what are you waiting you’re your next step is to call BHPSG and schedule your personalized and detailed consultation. During your visit with us, you will personally meet with Dr. Layke and Dr. Danielpour who will discuss the benefits and risks to having surgery. Both doctors will thoroughly review your concerns and create an operative plan that suits your needs.

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