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Breast surgery is a particularly personal cosmetic procedure that can be hard for many patients to talk about. However, it is important to learn all you can about it before you commit to the procedure. It is also important to talk to a plastic surgeon about your different breast surgery options, determining which one is the best for you.

Have a Question About the Breast Lift Procedure?

At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, Drs. Danielpour and Layke can answer all of your questions about getting breast implants or a breast lift. Is a breast lift necessary before getting breast implants? This question will have a different answer for each patient.

Shape and Position Today

Breast Lift Procedure

A breast lift is often a great way to adjust the shape and position of the breasts as a prelude to getting implants. Breast lifts can even give patients a whole extra cup size. If you are concerned about the shape of your breasts, a lift will help you to feel more confident in your clothes, swimwear, and underwear.

Desirable Breast Lift Results

While it isn’t necessary to get a lift before getting implants, it may give you more natural-looking results. Speaking with a cosmetic surgeon can help you understand which procedures will work best for your body type. A trained professional will be able to help you determine whether a breast lift will give you the new shape and size you are looking for.

It is not necessary for you to get a breast lift before getting implants. However, for more desirable results, it may be a good idea to consider doing both of these procedures at the same time. The experienced professionals at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group will be able to help you determine which cosmetic surgery options will be best for your unique needs. Call today to schedule a consultation with Drs. Danielpour and Layke.

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Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke are available to answer any question you may have regarding our line of cosmetic and surgical procedures.
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