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Weight watchers who are struggling to get rid of excess fat can now turn to a revolutionary treatment—EMSculpt in Hollywood. A noninvasive way of eliminating fat, EMSculpt in Hollywood has been increasingly popular because you can improve the contour of your body without having to undergo strenuous physical activities.

On top of its fat-eliminating properties, EMSculpt in Hollywood also builds your muscles, allowing you to have a more toned physique. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group has been performing EMSculpt in Hollywood for a wide range of clients, consistently delivering satisfying and confidence-boosting results.

How Does EMSculpt in Hollywood Work?

In a nutshell, EMSculpt in Hollywood involves the use of high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) pulses to contract and stimulate your muscles at an exponentially high rate. Ultimately, the end result of an EMSculpt in Hollywood is equivalent to several months work of exercise—without the effort!

EMSculpt in Hollywood essentially targets two key areas in your body, particularly your buttocks and abdomen. At the moment, we are in the process of developing EMSculpt in Hollywood programs that will target the arms and thighs.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group: A Widely Trusted Service Provider of EMSculpt in Hollywood

Our highly renowned plastic surgeons have a deep understanding of the aesthetics of the human body and are more than qualified to perform EMSculpt in Hollywood. They factor in the symmetry and proportion of your body to ensure that the EMSculpt in Hollywood you will undergo is perfectly tailored for you.

Amazing Benefits

Delivers Permanent Results

Although some fat-burning treatments only give you temporary results, that is certainly not the case with EMSculpt in Hollywood. This fat removal process delivers lasting results because the targeted fat cells are eliminated for good. We recommend that you adopt a healthy and active lifestyle to sustain the effects of the treatment.

A Safe and Equally Effective Procedure

While some weight loss treatments are either unsafe or illegal (or both), EMSculpt in Hollywood is approved by the FDA. In addition to being a safe and noninvasive form of treatment, EMSculpt has produced fantastic results for men and women who want to firm up their muscles and get rid of fat in the process.

Produces Natural Results

Certain cosmetic treatments tend to make your body look artificially enhanced and visibly unnatural. On the other hand, an EMSculpt in Hollywood will make you look as if you are reaping the benefits of regular exercise. Once your treatment is done, the targeted areas will slim down at a gradual pace, making the effect look absolutely natural.

Can Help Increase Your Overall Metabolism

During an EMSculpt in Hollywood, your lean muscle tissues are retained—a core conditioning method that is proven to boost metabolism. With increased metabolism, the chances of you gaining back the fat you lost significantly decrease—provided you stick to a healthy, responsible lifestyle after the treatment!

Noninvasive Alternative to Surgical Procedures

Although liposuction is also an effective way of removing fat, it still involves surgery—a method not all people are comfortable with. With EMSculpt, you won’t have to worry about anesthesia or incisions because the process is totally noninvasive and pain-free. Learn more about EMSculpt here.

Experience One of the Most Innovative Body-Sculpting Treatments by Scheduling an EMSculpt in Hollywood

Your dream body is now within reach, and you can inch closer to it by getting an EMSculpt in Hollywood. Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group is fully committed to helping every client achieve his or her goals, and we will display our precision, experience, and surgical skills whenever we perform an EMSculpt in Hollywood.

Feel free to contact us if you wish to learn more about how an EMSculpt in Hollywood works or if you would like to schedule a treatment. We look forward to welcoming you to our facility. Click here to learn about our EMSculpt services.