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We’re approaching the end-of-the-year, has your health insurance deductible already been satisfied?

By November 12, 2012 No Comments

As we approach the end of the year, a lot of patients feel more comfortable making their routine doctor visits, and seeing a Specialist for issues they’ve been thinking about perhaps all year long. That is to be said, assuming the “comfort” at this time of  year is due to patients having fulfilled their annual health insurance deductible.

As most insurance plans are, there is a calendar year deductible that typically generates at the beginning of the year. Depending on each individuals health insurance plan, the deductible is more likely met or fulfilled towards the end of the year. If this is true for you, and you are looking to address those moles you’ve be wanting removed, or that breast reduction surgery you’ve been having back aches over, then the time to address these issues might be best NOW!

You might be asking, “What can Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group do for me and with the help of my insurance?”  Depending on your health insurance plan and benefits, and also depending on the medical necessity of your condition, we may accommodate the following services for you through your health insurance:

Septoplasty surgery, breast reduction surgery(for both male and female), laceration repair, scar revision therapy, mole/lesion excision, torn earlobe repair, excision of lipoma, hernia repair, skin treatments for rosacea, severe acne,  panniculectomy and other surgeries for massive weight loss, carpal tunnel release, and many more services to accommodate your medical needs aside from the cosmetic and aesthetic services we specialize in.

If you have any questions regarding services we offer, or your health insurance benefits, please call us today!  310.853.5147