Tighten Up a Loose Neck with BHPSG

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Want a tighter, more rejuvenated neck?

First, let us explain what causes the neck to become loose or sag, and then let us share with you the solution!

The Platysma muscle, which is a very thin muscle in the neck just under the skin surface, has a tendency to stretch, relax and widen with age.  The inner borders of these muscle bands can become prominent, appearing as two parallel lines at the front of the neck. You can tense these platysma muscle by showing your bottom front teeth.

The effects of gravity, or major weight loss may also be the culprit for a loose neck. There are several changes in the face that normally accompany the aging or weight loss process. Most of these changes are contributed by loss of elastic collagen and elastin fibers which help make skin firm. When these are broken down or weakened, wrinkling and/or sagging of the skin and under structures can occur. The result: an aged looking turkey neck.

So what can be done to tighten the neck and get rid of that gobble neck? 

No neck exercise out there can really drastically tighten the muscles in the neck and it certainly won’t tighten loose neck skin.  Although we carry a fairly impressive neck firming lotion called,” Nectifirm”, it will never be able to do what a formal neck lift or platysmaplasty (surgical tightening of the neck muscles) can do!

How a Platysmaplasty and Neck Lift is performed 

Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke  will normally make  incisions around the neck with the first being behind the ear and a possible second under the chin to gain access to the neck muscle  (platysma).  Liposuction is first performed to remove any excess fat and undermine the area.   The neck muscles are adjusted, tightened and partially removed (if necessary).   They then use deep permanent sutures to sew the muscles together like a corset. When performing a neck lift in conjunction with plastysmaplasty, excess skin is also eliminated.

There can be some soreness or tenderness immediately following surgery that is  easily controlled with prescription pain medications. Plastymaplasty and neck lift surgery is usually  performed on an outpatient basis.  Swelling and bruising can occur following a platysmaplasty and/or neck lift procedure but typically subsides within a few days.  For about  two weeks after surgery, a neck compression wrap will be worn to minimize swelling and enhance the neck’s contour.  It could take up to 6 weeks of healing before all the swelling is gone and a patient is feeling and looking their best!

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