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The Purpose of Compression following Plastic Surgery, and the Importance of Compliancy

By March 6, 2013 No Comments

Whether you’ve invested in a body contouring surgery with liposuction, or are about to undergo a tummy tuck or a procedure to eliminate a double chin, regardless of age or gender, the importance of compression following plastic surgery is essential!

The benefits of wearing a compression garment are to restrict the amount of edema (swelling) that forms and accelerate the formation of body contouring results by consistent  pressure. Compression also helps eliminate the amount of bruising that can form and assist the skin in retracting.

The length of time that the garment should be worn will be determined by Dr. Danielpour and/or Dr. Layke.  Though on average, it is recommended that a patient wear the appropriate compression for the first three weeks around the clock. Sometimes, and especially with liposuction, the garments can become soiled due to the leakage or drainage that can occur following surgery. This is usually a little blood mixed with a lot of fluid, or any seepage that can occur from any surgical incision. Most garments can be washed in a typical washer and dryer. It is recommended that a patient put on an alternative garment during that process to prevent increased swelling. A great trick to removing blood stains from garments is by soaking the garment in hydrogen peroxide.

As the swelling dissipates, an alternative and often times thinner garment (like Spanx), can be worn part time leading up to the six week post-operative date.

To ensure the best surgical results, the garment needs to fit securely—but not too tight as pressure problems and adequate circulation can occur.  More times than not, Dr. Layke and Dr. Danielpour also include Topi Foam between the garment and the patient’s surgical site. This is a sponge like padding that assist compression in more localized or specific areas. This also helps to prevent folding or wrinkling of the skin in specific areas.

It’s extremely important that a patient be compliant with their instructions given about wearing their compression garment(s). Failure to do so could compromise a patient’s outcome or cause contour irregularities to their surgical results.

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