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The Importance Of Regular Facials

By May 7, 2013 No Comments

Many people believe they take great care of their skin and know exactly what is right for it. Many ask why should I pay someone to clean it for me? I wash my face morning and night and use all of the highest tech facial cleansing equipment and taking an hour out of my day is just too much time. However, getting regular facials is one of the best things you can do to help keep you and your skin looking young, fresh and rejuvenated. It is also important to understand what your skin type is, which a trained esthetician can teach you in order to know what products are really best for your skin. Professional facial treatments can be relaxing and rejuvenating, but also help set the stage for beautiful skin in the future.

At BHPSG, our esthetician can provide a detailed and accurate analysis of your skin as well as create an appropriate treatment plan  with recommendations for your home care to enable you to meet your skin care goals. When getting regular facials, you will notice that your skin will look and feel better then it ever has and make up will go on more smoothly making you look better then ever before!

Typically a facial deep cleans, exfoliates & nourishes the skin to promote a clear, well-hydrated complexion. On your initial treatment, our esthetician will start with a skin analysis and explain which treatment will be best for you. She will then proceed with an hour long treatment using Eminence products, a completely organic line, which has products that address all different types of skin conditions.

During the deep cleansing portion of the facial, our esthetician will rid the skin of dirt, debris and environmental toxins, allowing the skin to fight off disease, aging and enable your skin to better absorb the products applied months after your facial. Next, our esthetician will exfoliate your skin which will also boost your skins ability to absorb products. Exfoliating the skin involves removing the oldest dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. During this process, steam vapor is directed at your face to help open up pores even more to loosen dirt in your skin. Opening up the pores also allows for easier extractions (removing blackheads and whiteheads). Once extractions are done, you will receive a facial massage and masque which will bring nutrients and moisture to the deeper layers of the skin and promote a healthy glow as well as detoxify and relax you.

After a facial with our esthetician, you will leave the office feeling great about yourself with healthier more beautiful skin!

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