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The Ideal Process for Effective Male Breast Reduction

By March 31, 2020 No Comments

Gynecomastia is a common condition affecting many men. Studies estimate that at least 15% of the male population lives with it. It’s commonly referred to as “man boobs” and occurs due to an imbalance in hormones during adolescence and the development of male breast tissue that doesn’t subside as the male reaches adulthood. Factors such as being overweight can also contribute towards having more fatty tissue in the breast area, but gynecomastia is exclusively used to define when male breast tissue is present – something losing weight won’t get rid of.

When other methods haven’t worked, men may opt for male breast reduction surgery to remove the breast tissue. This is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves removing both the breast and surrounding fatty tissue in the breasts. It’s cosmetic in nature as the surgery has no underlying medical reason, and the intent of the surgery is to create a more aesthetically pleasing masculine chest.

Male Breast Reduction Procedure

For gynecomastia surgery, the surgeon creates an incision on the bottom side of the areola. Sometimes, to avoid scarring, the incision can also be located in the armpit. The surgeon then removes any fatty, breast, and glandular tissue. After this is done, mechanisms are put in place to drain any accumulating fluids while the patient recovers.

Recovery is uneventful; there may be slight post-operative pain requiring painkillers and the use of compression garments. The patient can usually return back to normal activities in a few days, but should hold off on strenuous physical exercise for about a month.

Patient Assessment

Qualifying for a breast reduction surgery involves an initial assessment carried out by the surgeon performing the procedure. He or she will check whether there are less invasive measures such as weight loss that should be carried out before surgery. If the patient is within qualifying body fat and weight limits, then the surgeon will go over the procedure and how the patient can prepare themselves for the surgery.

More men are opting for cosmetic surgery to improve their self-confidence. Male breast reduction surgery is safe, affordable, and a great option if weight loss hasn’t been effective in addressing your gynecomastia.