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TattX on Living Social Today!!! Laser tattoo removal at BHPSG

By November 20, 2012 No Comments

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Check out our deal for TattX on Living Social today and schedule your consultation!

That fire-breathing dragon tattoo seemed like a great idea on your 18th birthday, but tastes change. Whether you’ve outgrown your ink or want to make room for better art, you can get a fresh start with three options from TattX Tattoo Removal:

• $149 for $300 to spend on laser tattoo removal
• $249 for $500 to spend on laser tattoo removal
• $349 for $700 to spend on laser tattoo removal

Finally… A Clean Slate
TattX’s advanced tattoo-removal technology is FDA-cleared to remove permanent ink that ranges from black and red to dark blue and sky blue. The revolutionary system uses three wavelengths in one for multicolor removal, and is designed to do so safely and gently without blistering, bleeding, scarring, or causing long-term pigmentation issues. TattX is only available in physicians’ offices, and your treatment/s will be conducted by a doctor from the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group.

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