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TattX™ Now Exclusively At BHPSG!

By October 2, 2012 No Comments

Until now, laser tattoo removal has been very painful and ineffective, often causing scarring, “ghost” tattoos and other side effects for patients while rarely removing all ink colors. TattX™ is the next generation in laser tattoo removal which will revolutionize tattoo removal in North America. The TattX technology has been proven to remove all ink colors on any skin type, including large and complex tattoo designs, with very little pain. TattX delivers on the promise of a safe, gentle and effective way to finally remove those unwanted tattoos completely. Whether you’ve outgrown your tattoo or just want to make room for better art, TattX™ is simply the most advanced solution to removing unwanted tattoos on the market. While other laser systems often require ten or more treatments, the TattX technology provides gentle and complete removal in a fraction of the treatments.

TattX™ is a new tattoo removal process that gently, effectively, and completely removes black and color tattoos as well as: permanent make-up, port wine birth marks, age spots, café au lait pigmentations, and hard to remove dirt “tattoos” from injuries. TattX is an FDA-approved technology that uses the Asclepion TattooStar Effect Laser to remove tattoos and other skin lesions without scarring, bleeding, or changes in skin pigmentation.

To remove the tattoo with TattX, a specific wavelength of the color of ink is matched with the same laser wavelength and applied to it. This particular wavelength is quickly absorbed by the targeted ink, turning the tattoo ink clusters into white grey micro-particles. The split particles are metabolized in the epidermis and in the lymph system.

TattX™ is different from other tattoo removal lasers because:

1. Much less pain- the proprietary fiber optic bundle creates an even distribution of the energy pulse that targets JUST the ink, and doesn’t damage the skin or skin pigmentation  which results in a much gentler process.

2. Effectiveness- the exclusive TattX™ process micro-blasts JUST the ink encapsulated in the skin. As a result, your body’s natural metabolic activity is able to more quickly remove the ink particle debris. This translates into fewer treatments than the current laser tattoo removal technology on the market.

3. Complete Results- the combination of full-spectrum tattoo color removal, absence of scarring and no long term pigmentation damage results in a full and complete restoration of the skin to its original state.

Since the process is non-ablative, meaning it does not break the skin and there is typically no bleed, there is very little side effect or pain, so recovering from tattoo removal is quick and requires little to no down time. It is recommended to wait 6-8 weeks between treatments to allow the body to naturally remove the inks.

So are you ready to safely and gently remove your tattoo? Give us a call today and schedule your COMPLIMENTARY consultation! Consultation and procedure can be done same day!

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