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Steroid induced fat atrophy aka “the unwanted dimple”

By March 8, 2013 No Comments

Are you one of the many who have received an injection of Kenelog or steroid of some kind and now have an unwanted dent or depression?

There are many horror stories as to why people have developed this so called unwanted dimple from steroid shots at the dentist to kenelog at the dermatologist but the final result is always the same- an unwanted and unsightly depression in the area of injection.

Often times, depending on the degree of fat atrophy aka dimple, the area fills in over time and there is no need for additional care or treatment.

However there are many instances that the depression worsens and/or never corrects itself and treatment is necessary.  There are many so called options to treat this iatrogenic problem but the treatment of choice and standard of care is fat transfer.

Depending on the size of the depression, fat transfer is a very safe and effective method of restoring lost volume whether in the face, arms, buttocks or legs.  Usually one session is sufficient and the procedure is tolerated very well under local anesthesia.

We routinely use adipose derived stem cells or fat transfer or grafting in cosmetic surgery for buttock augmentation (Brazilian Butt Lift), breast augmentation, and most routinely for restoring facial volume as the “Stem Cell Lift”.

If you are one of the many that has had a large or small depression caused by a simple steroid injection and it has not improved, please call us for a consultation at (310)853-5147