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Step Aside “Mommy Make-Over”, Say Hello to the ” Daddy Do-Over”

By October 15, 2012 No Comments

Moms are not the only ones looking to enhance their face, bodies or youth anymore.       We certainly have plenty of fathers looking to step up their game and bring back their mojo!

The competition to look young has become fierce. With so many treatments and procedures available, it is almost wrong to pass them up. Men are feeling the need to look young now more than ever. Though society has always been more accepting about men looking older with time than they are about women, here are some procedures that are daddies these days are looking to do:

Breast Reduction: Otherwise known as the treatment for Gynecomastia. Removing excess fat in the chest area.

Liposuction: More and more men are opting to remove stubborn fat with liposuction that they can’t seem to shed with diet and exercise alone. What a tummy tuck is for a mom, the dads are matching with lipo belly contouring.

Botox: A quick and simple treatment to turn back the hands of time. Men are more open to Botox treatments than they are a full-on face, neck, brow or eyelid surgery . Let’s face it, men are bigger babies than woman when it comes to dealing with discomfort. Also, men are afraid of looking too radically different.

And of course, daddies are looking to remove the hair on the chest and replace the hair on their heads. Laser hair removal and hair transplant also are on many “Dad’s To Do List”.

Looking for more information on Daddy-Do-Over Procedures and Treatments? Give us a call today! Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group 310.853.5147