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Stem Cells in Plastic Surgery

By July 11, 2011 No Comments

“Stem cells.” We keep hearing about this when it comes to medical research and the benefits of what stem cells can do. Medical researchers and Scientists have high hopes for stem cells to treat health problems, as well as rewind the signs of aging.

So what are stem cells, exactly? They are the body’s master cells. Stem cells have the ability to repair damaged tissue and renew themselves.

The uses of stem cells are showing up-climbing, great benefits in the plastic surgery field. Many plastic surgeons are using stem cells in the face where patients are seeking a more rejuvenated and youthful appearance.

Fat is one of the greatest resources of adult stem cells in a person’s body. In the use for a stem cell facelift, the fat cells transfer to the face and offer aesthetic benefits of turning back the clock on aging. While the basic science of fat transfers are still being examined and understood, these cells combined with tissue growth factors and molecular signals that are carried with the fat transfer, work together to restore a more youthful, lasting, and natural  appearance. Using master cells in a facelift is alluring not only for its anti-aging benefits, but in many cases, it can be less invasive than other conventional procedures.

When fat cells are taken from areas of the body, (such as the abdomen and flanks, a.k.a, “love-handles”), and transferred to the face, they then develop a blood supply and opportunity to replenish.
The recovery time for this type of surgery may be less than a traditional face lift.


Facial rejuvenation procedures, like a stem cell transplant, necessitate a plastic surgeon to have great attention to detail, with an immensely artistic, and creative  approach in order to identify changes in the geography of the face. It is important to discuss your goals and desired outcomes with a trusted plastic surgeon to determine an ample and individualized plan for facial rejuvenation that is best for you!!!

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