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Staging Surgical Procedures to Accomplish Surgical Goals: When more than one surgery is necessary

By March 29, 2013 No Comments

In certain situations, the perfect surgical outcome may require more than one surgery. This may be due to patient age, the difficulty of the procedure, or the number of body parts that will ultimately be altered.

Upon your consultation with Dr. Layke and Dr. Danielpour, they will review your medical history and provide you with a clinical physical examination. They then will formulate the best surgical plan for your aesthetic goals. If over the age of 45, it is necessary to receive medical clearance from your Primary Care Physician that may include an EKG, Chest X-Ray and laboratory blood work.

A staged procedure might be recommended for someone that is opting for a flat midsection that has borderline loose skin but extra fat in the abdominal area. By staging procedures where liposuction is first performed, this can help achieve deflation of fat  volume  in the abdominal area which may also cause the skin to possibly become more loose which may allow  a tummy tuck at a later time to have a more ideal outcome.

Larger breasts that would benefit from a reduction and lift might also be ideal for a staged procedure if volume in the upper breast area  is also desired. Though frequently both reduction/lift and augmentation are performed simultaneously , by staging the surgeries with a reduction/lift and then augmentation at a later surgery can allow for more accurate sizing, and possibly less tension on the incisions.

For patients opting for multiple surgeries, it might be recommended that the surgeries be separated depending on the length of time that the surgeries could take, or if the different surgeries can be done properly together. For example, if someone is opting for a tummy tuck but also wants a butt lift (or lower body lift) it could be very hard on the patient to sleep on their back as well as their stomach or sides. Though in some cases the surgeries can both be done at the same time, many plastic surgeons might not recommend this for their patients.  This is due to the prolonged time it would take to do the surgery as well as the limitations and strenuous recovery that  a patient might endure.

Combination surgeries are performed routinely, and they are sometimes even recommended to be done together. For more information about surgeries or services that you are interested in, call us today and schedule your consultation!          Your safety is always our first priority! 310.853.5147