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Society’s Interest in Celebrity Plastic Surgery

By June 7, 2011 No Comments

You see it in the tabloids, you hear on the news and popular t.v. shows all the time…it’s the constant talk about celebrity plastic surgery.

It’s true, society is guilty as charged for being extremely interested in celebrity plastic surgery gossip. In the “Mecca” of Celebrities and Plastic Surgery, Beverly Hills/Hollywood, it’s almost innate. Everybody wants to know how to stay on top, look their best, and have the inside scoop to the beauty-secrets to Hollywood’s most elite stars!
We take a look at the most recent celebrity who’s physical facial appearance has certainly changed, Bristol Palin. So, did she or didn’t she do more than just corrective jaw surgery?
I asked the experts, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeons: Dr. John Layke and Dr. Payman Danielpour,
“Based on the photo above, do you believe that Bristol Palin just had corrective jaw surgery alone to achieve this look?”

Dr. Layke, (giving Bristol Palin the benefit of the doubt) answers, ” I believe that corrective jaw surgery certainly can cause major aesthetic changes to the lower part of the face. When this type of surgery is performed, the patient’s mouth is typically wired shut for a period of time, where solid foods are impossible to eat, which can result in significant weight loss. It certainly looks like she lost weight, and you can see the difference in her face. With that being said, certain cosmetic procedures can be performed to achieve this look and allow these changes as well.”

Dr. Danielpour emphasizes on what those surgeries could be to achieve this result, ” To achieve a more contoured chin and neck, liposuction can be performed in these areas, in conjunction with, or without, an extended chin implant. Also, to have more prominent looking cheeks, this may be done by performing a buccal lipectomy procedure (removing fat from the buccal pad/mid cheek region). “
Dr. Layke adds to that, “Fillers, like Restylane, Juvederm, Sculptra, Radiesse, Fat Transfer, and Cheek Implants, are also commonly performed to achieve fuller, more prominent cheeks.”
So there you have it, Did she? Or didn’t she?” I guess we all have our speculations.
Not everybody will admit to having Plastic Surgery, and perhaps those that we think have had surgery, have not. Plastic Surgery has come a LONG way, and the more natural-looking (discrete) the results, the better!!!
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