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Slim Down with Slim Lipo at Beverly Hills Plastic surgery Group

By October 1, 2012 No Comments
Liposuction has been one of the most in-demand and popular procedures amongst all Plastic Surgery. Liposuction has assisted patients in achieving a more flattering and smooth body contour by removing undesired pockets of localized fat.
Nowadays, many doctors are looking for the most cutting edge technology to allow patients a rapid recovery parallel with exceptional surgical results.
“SLIM Lipo” which stands for “Selective Laser Induced Melting” is one of the newest and profound laser technologies to hit the market, allowing patients less bruising and discomfort following liposuction surgery.
The laser helps the patient’s fat to break up easier prior to suction, which in turn results in less bleeding (and therefore less bruising, and bruising is what hurts). Also, since the fat is easier to remove, the incisions are even smaller than standard liposuction. Most appealing to both patients and surgeons are the potential benefits of also tightening the skin in the areas being treated.
It is always advised that a patient review the risks and benefits of any given procedure with their surgeon(s), based on their personal health, lifestyle and expectations.
We are excited to offer SlimLipo to our patients! Find out if SlimLipo is right for YOU!
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