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Product Of The Week At BHPSG!- Clarisonic Opal

By March 12, 2013 No Comments

Frustrated with those fine lines under your eyes that just seem to multiply with time? Can’t seem to get rid of those puffy eyes no matter what you try? Reduce years of damage with the Clarisonic Opal! A palm-sized sonic infusion device, the Opal skin system is specially designed to help build skin’s resilience over time and prevent future damage around the eyes. By gently tapping the skin around your eye at 125 sonic movements per second, the Opal helps to maximize absorption of a serum in a way that’s not possible with your finger alone.

The Opal Sonic infuses serums into the skin more effectively than manual application. As the device is moved in small circles around the eye area, its soft applicator tip delivers products with more than 7,500 gentle micro-massages per minute. Serums and creams are absorbed more deeply and evenly, enhancing their ability to promote healthy, hydrated, and younger-looking skin.

The included Anti-Aging Sea Serum is optimized for the dynamics of sonic infusion. Its multilayered approach includes marine extracts and botanicals to provide multiple properties including: hydration, firming, smoothing, tightening, and antioxidant protection. If desired, the Opal can be used with your favorite eye product.

All that is needed is 30 seconds (timed by the device itself) around each eye which immediately firms, hydrates and refreshes skin. After only 4 weeks of use, 80% of women saw improved anti-aging results from applying a leading eye cream with Opal. After 8 weeks, women saw improvement in skin elasticity and reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Your skin can appear brighter, younger and feels refreshed and energized. The best part of the opal is you can begin to see results immediately! Opal is perfect for the eye area and can also be used on the lip, brow, and forehead areas. It is small and easy to travel with as well!

Come to our office today and check out the Clarisonic Opal!

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