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Need a lift? A Little Info on Breast Lift Surgery

By March 7, 2012 No Comments

Sagging  breasts, otherwise know as “breast ptsosis”,  can be a real concern for many women. The causes of sagging breasts can be anything from breast-feeding, major weight loss, genetics, etc. Women with uncomfortably,  droopy breasts are typically good candidates for a breast lift. The problem may be that the breasts lack firmness or substance, that the nipple/areolar complex point south, and/or the nipple position is below the breast crease. The notorious  “pencil test” is a good way to determine if a breast lift would be a good  possibility. How the “pencil test” is done :   a woman places a pen or pencil underneath her breast and the item stays in place without assistance, she would benefit from a breast lift.

The most common patient is one who has had children and has breast-fed them. After pregnancy and breast-feeding, the top, superior portion of the breast  loses some of its fullness due to shrinkage of breast tissue. For some patients, their breast actually become fuller  after pregnancy, but this situation is extremely rare.

A  breast lift operation, in other terms known a mastopexy, involves repositioning and raising  the nipple/areolar complex on the breast.  The incisions are located around the nipple/areola complex.  At Beverly hills Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. Danielpour and           Dr. Layke perfer this operation is performed with the patient under general anesthesia. The surgery  is typically performed in an outpatient procedure in our building, or at a local  hospital. The surgery, depending o the type of breast lift,  typically  takes anywhere from two- three hours to perform.  The patient is discharged the same day and usually seen anywhere from 3-7 days post-operatively.

Most women are back to work within a week following the surgery, and back to strenuous workouts within four to six weeks. Most describe the feeling after surgery as “tight” or “engorged” but  tolerable discomfort.  The incisions take time to heal and are best addressed with a silicone based scar therapy gel for the first few weeks following surgery.

Breast lift surgery are among the most satisfying surgeries for woman. To see if you are a good candidate for breast lift surgery, call to schedule your personalized consultation today! 310.853.5147