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Memorial Day and Plastic Surgery? What’s the Correlation?

By May 25, 2012 No Comments

Combat and Plastic Surgery:

                        A Memorial Day Homage

Many Americans appreciate Memorial Day weekend, as it is for many, an extra day off from work. It is also an unofficial kick-off for the summer. Though, it is most important that those remember that this holiday would not exist if it weren’t for all the brave and heroic men and women in the armed forces that sacrificed their own lives for our country.

When it comes to Memorial Day, or any holiday that has to do with our country’s soldiers, it may seem that rhinoplasty surgery, facelifts, eyelid surgery, etc., may have nothing to do with the detriments that our veterans have made, but their history is interweaved. In fact, history shows that plastic and reconstructive surgery first began by caring for the wounds and injuries of those in combat.  Dating back to the First World War, faces and bodies were so severely mutilated in battle that many were left far beyond recognition. A hope of repairing some aspect of normalcy and as much resemblance as possible, brought forward a new form of surgery.

Skin grafts and facial reconstruction were some of the more commonly and in-demand plastic and reconstructive surgeries being performed back in World War 1 era. Many techniques in those early years following war are still in use today.

Plastic Surgery has developed and revolutionized so drastically, it is no longer for just for those in need of reconstruction, but rather for aesthetics and enhancements as well.

Have a safe, and happy Memorial Day Weekend!

God Bless the USA and a HUGE THANK YOU to our Troops!

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