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Make Fine Lines and Wrinkles Disappear with Belotero

By February 13, 2013 No Comments

Concerned about fine lines and wrinkles? Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group offers Belotero, an injectable hylaronic acid for those superficial and hard-to-diminish facial lines.

Hylaronic Acid, otherwise known as “HA”,  naturally exists as a component of your skin. By binding to water in the form of an injectable gel,  it fills in wrinkles and folds which results in immediate and smooth correction.

Restylane, Perlane, and Juvederm, which are also hylaronic acid fillers, help to plump deeper folds/lines, increase  cheek volume, enhance lips and other areas of the face. These areas typically require a little more depth when injectioning. As for Belotero, the injection doesn’t need to be as deep. Though it is a hylaronic acid filler as well, the cross-linking is different, allowing Dr. Danielpour and/or Dr. Layke to treat the wrinkle right under the skin. This is why this product is ideal for those that have fine lines and wrinkles that need to be treated more at the under-surface of the skin.

It is especially useful for wrinkles around the eyes aka “crows feet, forehead lines, frown lines, and virtually any and all superficial lines.

The treatment is quick and easy. No down time is needed. The treatment itself typically takes about 30 minutes, depending on how many areas you wish to be treated, and the results can last up to six months.

Though bruising and swelling are of potential risk, the chances of that happening are very slim. You can help reduce your chances of bruising by avoiding to take any kind of blood thinners such as asprin, Aleve, etc.

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