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Laser sun spot and brown spot removal

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Brown spots are localized collections of pigment within the top layers of the skin most frequently due to sun damage.  They are also called “age spots”, “liver spots” and “lentigines.”

These are more frequently seen as we age but can be seen in younger people due to excess sun exposure.  The most common areas are the hands and the face, but the arms and legs may also have these spots.

For years the medical community has tried everything from creams with retinoic acid and alpha hydroxy acids but the results are not permanent and are sub par.  Treatment with chemical peels is effective however it involves some down time that most people do not want.

Laser has been proven to be very effective in treating the brown spots, especially deeper and darker spots.

Nd: YAG Laser- TATT-X

The gold standard for brown spot removal is the YAG laser.  Nd: YAG laser has many types currently available, but only the Q-switched lasers are effective at removing brown spots. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group we use the highest technology Nd:YAG laser.

The treatment is very quick, easy and painless.  The brown areas are quickly treated using the Nd:YAG and they immediately develop a white color. Over the next few days, the area will turn into a scab and within a week the scab will fall off.  There may be a light red discoloration for several weeks, but this will also resolve, leaving healthy new skin in its place.

The only expected side effects are scabbing at the site of the treatment. There may be some slight changes in the color of the skin after the treatments, but this usually returns to normal after several month.

The procedure can be done on the face, hands, arms, legs or anywhere that there are brown spots and usually resolves with 1 treatment.

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