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Large Breasts Causing You Pain in the Neck or Back? Find Out How Your Health Insurance Can Help You Achieve a Breast Reduction Surgery

By June 7, 2011 No Comments

Having large breasts is not necessarily a good thing, nor is it something that every woman desires. Having large breasts can sometimes become a physical detriment, causing neck and back pain, poor posture, rashy and/or irritated skin, and overall physical discomfort or immobility.

Having large breasts is often genetic. Large breasts is also related to hormones, such as puberty and child-birth. Whatever the case may be, some insurances understand the medical necessity to have breasts reduced in size to help achieve overall physical (and some times, psychological) health.

Health insurances often times require documentation to prove the medical need for this type of surgery. This usually includes a letter from your treating Plastic Surgeon explaining the need for this type of surgery, and/or other doctor(s)/specialist who have tried other methods to cure the problem (like Chiropractic treatments to treat back pain or improve posture).

Depending on one’s health insurance benefits, and the criteria that the patient meets, health insurances may help cover partial, or even the full cost, of this surgery.

Need some weight off your shoulders? Call us today, Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, to see if Breast Reduction Surgery is best for you!!!