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Keeping Up With Our Female Counterparts? Facial Rejuvenation for Males

By June 27, 2011 No Comments

More than 1.1 million men underwent surgery in 2010. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, invasive surgeries – especially facelifts – are increasing since 2009:
1. Facelift – increased 14%
2. Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) – increased 11%
3. Soft Tissue Fillers – increased 10%
4. Botox – increased 9%
5. Liposuction – increased 7%
6. Breast Reduction (gynecomastia) – increased 6%
7. Eyelid Surgery – increased 4%
8. Dermabrasion – increased 4%
9. Laser Hair Removal – increased 4%
10. Laser Treatment of Veins – increased 4%
Face lift procedures designed for men can be an effective way to minimize unwanted effects produced by age, stress, and exposure to the sun. At Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, we believe that although the results achieved with male face lift surgery are similar to those enjoyed by women, there are subtle, key differences that can lead to a much more natural result.

The Male Face Lift Approach

The goals of a male face lift are generally the same as those of a conventional face lift for women. In both, a younger and more energetic appearance is sought by the patient. The overall strategy for achieving these results is also similar, involving the repositioning
of facial fat and removal of excess skin. Most men desire a younger-appearing
jawline, a tighter neck, and more lively-looking eyes.

Perhaps the key difference concerns the incisions made during surgery. Because men tend to wear their hair shorter than women, hiding potential scars after a male face lift can be more difficult.  However, they are always placed as inconspicuously as possible, often along the natural crease where the ear meets the side of the face, around the earlobe, and into the lower hairline.  Depending on the sideburn pattern, the incision can also be hidden inside the ear.

The eyelid incisions are well-hidden along the lash line for the lower eyes, where herniated fat (“bags under the eyes”) removed at the same time.  The upper eyelid incisions are hidden well within the natural crease of the eye.

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