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Can Sunscreen Go Bad?

By October 26, 2012 No Comments

Looking to clear a bit of the clutter from your life?

We are often asked about how long it is safe to keep personal care products- a good rule of thumb is one year. Read on for more good-to-know details!

Sunscreen- keep only 1 year. Do not leave it out in the sun or in your hot car, it will become less and less effective, increasing your chances for sunburn.

Medical Grade Skincare- 3 – 8 months. Medical lines consist of active ingredients and delicate formulations that lose their potency over time. They work best with consistent usage, so use them up as quick as you can.*

*Another reason not to collect products from everywhere you shop and use them only every once in awhile. Try to stick to one program until you use something up, and then move on. If you like trying different things, purchase a specialized masque that will complement your routine instead of trying multiple products for the same purpose for example.

Body Care- 1 year.
*If you suffer from dry, itchy skin- make sure your body care products are not to blame. If the ingredient list contains anything that ends with a “sulfate” like Sodium Laurel or laureth sulfate for example, this could be the culprit. Sulfates are detergents used also in many cleaning agents to remove oil and residue- the problem is that your skin needs oil to stay hydrated and healthy and this ingredient will strip your skin of oils causing irritation and dryness.

*We like Original Sprout Body Wash which cleans the skin thoroughly (with a nice sudsing action and very fresh scent) without stripping. This one is clean and pure enough for babies and replenishing enough for adults too.

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