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Is it true that breast implants must be replaced every 10 years?

By July 5, 2012 No Comments

Like just about everything on this planet, nothing last forever. Breast implants are of no exception, as they are not lifetime devices. It’s important to understand the warranty regarding breast implants and the expectation of how long they are projected to lasts.   Though we cannot look into some magical crystal ball that helps us foresee the  future, we can make patients aware of what potential causes could result in them changing out their implants, or any other subsequent surgeries regarding breast augmentation.

Undergoing any type of surgical procedure involves some potential risks. Though all efforts to reduce risks are mindfully and methodically enforced, despite best efforts, sometimes these potential complications can occur. It is of our utmost compassion of care that our patients know we are here for them along the way, and will do everything within our power to prevent, and/or treat any complications that our patients experience.

The potential reasons why one might remove or exchange their implants at any given time (sooner or later than 10 years of their original augmentation) are, but limited to the following:

  • Rupture or leakage
  • Capsular Contracture (thickening of scar tissue around the implant. Typically resulting in hard breast(s)/asymmetry/sometimes even pain)
  • Infection
  • Hematoma/Seroma (accumulation of blood or fluid)
  • Difficulty Breastfeeding
  • Calcium Deposits in the Tissue Around the Implant
  • Extrusion
  • Necrosis (damage or death of tissue or cells)
  • Delayed Wound Healing
  • Breast Tissue Atrophy/Chest Wall Deformity
  • Aesthetic Reasons (i.e., to go bigger or smaller in size, breast lift, etc.)

So, when patients ask, “It’s been 10 years since I’ve had my implants, do I need to have them replaced?” The answer is not unless you have a desire or reason to.  The implants don’t start to “rot” after the 10 years mark, though the integrity of the implants over time will start to decrease due to constant wear and tear. On the contrary, many Surgeons have removed  implants that have been more than 20, even 30 years old, which have been perfectly intact!

The leading manufactures for breast aesthetics typically have a 10 year warranty. This warranty entitles the patient to a free replacement device(s) should loss of integrity occur with the 10 year warranty. Depending on the type of warranty enrollment, in some cases the patient also may receive some financial reimbursement from the implant manufacture.

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