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How Ethnic Rhinoplasty is Different

By July 21, 2021 No Comments

There are certain facial features that have come to be associated with specific ethnic groups. Knowing how to preserve these distinctive traits within the context of a rhinoplasty is an important skill for plastic surgeons to have. This is where an ethnic rhinoplasty is different from a routine rhinoplasty. 

An ethnic rhinoplasty is a procedure that is specifically geared toward shaping the nose to the patient’s desired outcome without interfering with the distinctive features that are part of the patient’s identity. 

An experienced plastic surgeon understands that the best results are achieved in a way that creates harmony with your facial features and will vary their approach according to the ethnic background of the patient. 



How rhinoplasty has evolved over the years

When plastic surgery started becoming mainstream, it was Caucasian people who formed the major patient demographic and it was with them that doctors usually honed and refined their technique. 

Much has changed since then, and people from a range of backgrounds and identities seek plastic surgery treatments like rhinoplasty. With the variance of facial structures between people of different backgrounds, it simply doesn’t work to use the same approach and technique with all of them. 

What is different about an ethnic rhinoplasty

From a surgical perspective, the procedure is the same between a traditional rhinoplasty and an ethnic rhinoplasty. The patient is sedated, and the surgeon makes incisions inside the nostrils in order to be able to shape the nose according to the patient’s wishes. It’s what the surgeon does to shape and structure the nose against the patient’s other features that distinguishes an ethnic rhinoplasty. 

From the very first consultation, the plastic surgeon will start assessing the patient’s face and preparing a surgical plan that includes preserving and achieving harmony with the existing facial structure, including distinctive features associated with the patient’s ethnicity. 

An ethnic rhinoplasty often takes a little longer than a traditional one, since it requires a more involved and strategic approach. The results, however, are on par with any other facial procedure, provided the plastic surgeon is experienced and skilled.

Find a qualified plastic surgeon for your ethnic rhinoplasty

If you’re considering an ethnic rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, West Hollywood, or Santa Monica, we can help you determine the best approach that will preserve the natural beauty and aesthetic value of your face while accomplishing the changes you desire. 

To see some of our recent patient outcomes, check out our gallery of ethnic rhinoplasty results

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