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How a Surgical Facelift Delivers the Hollywood Look

By February 13, 2021 No Comments

While many people turn to Botox to make their face look the way they want it to, a surgical facelift is often the smarter option. While Botox injections can achieve similar results, the procedure is often less desirable, and it is a case of adding something to the skin, while a facelift involves taking some of the skin away. It’s a procedure many undergo in order to remove sagging or wrinkled skin from their face, with the overall goal of looking younger or to boost their self-confidence.

How does a surgical facelift work?

While the Botox procedure involves injection of the botulinum toxin into the patient’s skin, a surgical facelift instead removes skin in order to give the face a tighter, less wrinkled look. It is a short procedure that uses a small incision being made in a discreet place, such as within the hairline, but there are various types of facelifts available. You can have the lower portion of your face enhanced, or the upper half. Some choose to go for the full facelift instead.

Who might get a facelift?

The face is many people’s most precious part of their body. It’s the part that people see first, and so many people want it to be the most beautiful. Thus, those that feel their face isn’t as beautiful as it could choose to get a facelift in order to tighten up their facial features. Older people may choose to get a facelift if they feel that loose skin is causing lots of wrinkles to appear, as a facelift will remove this loose skin, and thus reduce or eliminate the wrinkles as well. However, a surgical facelift’s ability to make the skin look younger makes it popular for younger adults that feel their face is ageing faster than it should. 

As with any plastic surgery procedure, to get the best results with a surgical facelift, you should seek out a professional, to get healthy, natural looking skin in a safe way.