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Heavy Earrings Weighing Down Your Earlobes? Easy Earlobe Repair at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group

By October 3, 2012 No Comments

Being beautiful isn’t always easy. When it comes to wearing accessories, the weight, wear and tear of many earrings can take a toll.

Our skin has the amazing ability to stretch, and the earlobes are no exception. So imagine a small weight that’s attached to a hole created in your earlobe. Over time, your earlobe’s tissue, fat and skin will thin. The earlobe will be bearing all the weight from earrings and the piercing will stretch, making it impossible for the skin to retract or repair itself. So what do you have as a result? What used to look like a small hole, is now a line, or much bigger hole. Ultimately, if the hole is continuously put on stretch, the hole can eventually become a tear.

The larger or heavier the earrings, the more at risk the earlobes will be to stretching or splitting. Earrings that dangle or are long, run the risk of being caught on clothing which can cause the earlobes to be pulled, stretched or torn. Any earrings that are within a child’s reach of grabbing, are also at risk of being pulled on.

Can a torn earlobe be repaired? Absolutely! A procedure to repair a torn earlobe is not uncommon.

The procedure consists using local anesthetia to numb the area, which makes it comfortable and tolerable for the patient. The hole or split earlobe is typically trimmed at its edges and closed in multiple layers. The total treatment time takes approximately 15-30 minutes per side to repair. The sutures are removed about 7-10 days later and a topical antibiotic ointment (such as Neosporin) can be used on the incision for a few weeks following the procedure to ensure optimal healing. 3 weeks post-procedure, a scar regimen is initiated to help minimize any scarring. After a healing period of several weeks (typically 6-12 weeks on average), the earlobe can be re-pierced if desired.

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