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Get An Enviable Backside To Show Off In That Bikini with a Brazilian Butt Lift.

By June 4, 2013 No Comments

As summer arrives once again, everyone is trying to get into their “bikini bod” shape. One important aspect of thank perfect and desirable bikini bod is a lifted and shapely butt! Sometimes all those butt blasters and leg lifts just can’t get your booty into the shape you really want leaving your self conscious about throwing on that Beach Bunny bikini bottom. Here at Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group, Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke aim to give you the confidence and results you desire to strut your stuff in that bikini with a Brazilian butt lift.

A Brazilian butt lift surgery is a procedure that is designed to enhance the buttocks by harvesting your own fat from one area of the body such as stomach or the buttocks itself, and transferring it to your derriere to achieve a shaped and contour that is fuller and lifted. To have optimal results, you must have enough fat in different areas of your body to serve as the source for the fat graft needed during a Brazilian butt lift procedure. The procedure usually consists of a combination of liposuction around the buttocks and many injections of fat into the buttocks.

Having good muscle definition in your buttocks prior to surgery serves as a foundation for the grafted fat to be placed into. Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke will then remove the fat from selected areas of your body through liposuction, done very carefully in order to protect the living fat cells. The fat is processed and purified before it is reinjected. Depending on the amount of augmentation needed, the patient may need to undergo a significant number of injections, which are made at various sites and depths in the buttocks. The volume and projection of the buttocks can be greatly increased by layering many fine layers of fat micrografts throughout the buttock muscles and the overlying fatty tissue. This increases the blood supply which allows a more promising result for the fat cells survival. Only a certain percentage of the fat being transferred will survive in the new location. Because of this, grafting is usually exaggerated. Once the injections are completed, Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Layke may perform some more liposuction in order to sculpt the butt even more and give it that perfect shape.

Once the Brazilian butt lift procedure has been performed, fat is typically re-vascularized at about 6-8 weeks. Any further loss of volume is minimal past this point. Compression garments are worn for several weeks to conform the buttocks as well as to reduce swelling after a Brazilian butt lift surgery.

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